Unlocking Potential by Design

Creative types can’t help themselves … we must create!  Since 2003, we’ve specialized in designing timeless kitchens, bathrooms, and other interiors spaces such as laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and built-ins. With our top Canadian product brand partners in mind, let us help you make the right purchasing decisions and unlock your space’s potential by design! 

Lee Mitchell
Founder & Lead Designer

Why we started The House of Fine Design Inc.

The House of Fine Design Inc. was founded on the notion that all spaces have the potential to be greater than they are, with the same being said for the design professionals responsible for them. We firmly believe that unlocking potential requires the combined commitment of a talented team of skilled professionals as well as the availability of high quality products with our client’s trust and a need for reciprocity at the forefront. 

Meet Our Local Team

Caitlyn Blaney
CAD Operator

Sydney Mitchell
Social Media

Here's how we help you unlock the potential of your space.


Our process starts with an approximately 2 hour in-home introduction to your space, and the people who live in it. Their needs, wants, investment range, and our process are all discussed during this free site visit. Basic measurements are taken with the intention of developing a ‘no-obligation’ preliminary concept to be presented approximately 1-2 weeks afterwards. Once the concept is presented, the customer will have the choice to walk away a little more knowledgeable than before, or they can choose to move forward with an applicable design development fee.

Design Development

Fine tuning an approved concept is what the design development fee is for. It takes many hours and return site visits to finalize the design, specify products, and create the scope of work. This entire stage could easily take a month given the need to schedule a couple of site visits with trades as well as one or more scheduled studio visits for selections, investment tracking, project and payment schedule reviews, and agreement finalization. The time frame for this stage is heavily influenced by overall size of project scope as well as availability of attendees. It ends when we receive an applicable deposit based on the approved payment schedule.


Project Execution

This stage is where the magic happens as we take apart your space(s), solve unforeseen issues, then execute our plan, and install our high quality products. You really see where your money is going during this stage and will mostly be grateful you didn’t have to lift a finger to complete it. Depending on scope size and products used, this stage could take as little as 2-3 weeks for an average bathroom to 6-8 weeks for an average kitchen.

Follow Up

This is where we essentially ‘hand you back your home’ so to speak. Once all products have been purchased and paid for, we can execute any service or warranty replacements required in a timely manner. We want you to love your space as much as we do, as soon as possible. We aim to try and complete any outstanding items within 30 days. This is our favourite stage as we get to bask in your space and marvel at what was once nothing but a vision. The fact that we helped bring happiness to your home is truly gratifying.

Specialty Programs

Custom Home Builders


Whether you’re managing your own build, or building for customers, custom homes require a lot of planning in the early stages to stay on budget.  Talk to us about our custom build package and we’ll introduce you to everything from int/ext stone veneers and engineered wood floors to cabinets, furniture, paint colours and more.

Kitchen & Bath Renovators

Kitchens and bathrooms have been our specialty for the last 20years. Lean on us to provide your business with the specialized products, services, and discounts to take your business to the next level.  We can customize our services to your presentation style, creating the appearance of a well oiled machine your customers can trust.

Do It Yourself (DIY)


Flipping homes?  Doing your own bath project?  Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew because you don’t realize that you don’t know what you need to know (if that makes sense). Contact us to help you stay on track with the right advice and products to make your dream space a reality. The more you buy, the more you save.

Seniors & Accessibility


With seniors staying in their homes longer, we have secured distribution agreements with some of Canada’s top accessibility brands for walk-in tubs, specialized grab bars, easy to use fixtures, and customizable cabinetry. Couple these features with our design experience and guaranteed minimum discounts, and we should be your first call when planning your next project. 

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